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Welcome to the National Diagnostic Medical Physics Coalition

The NDMPC is a trade organization representing the leading providers of diagnostic medical physics testing and consulting services in the United States. Its purpose is to represent the shared goals, interests and needs of its members and to provide opportunities for collaboration in a variety of beneficial areas.

Benefits of NDMPC Membership:

Group Buying Program

By engaging with vendors as a group, the NDMPC provides its members with the advantages of higher purchasing power to negotiate the best prices and terms on essential products and services.  NDMPC member companies receive group buying discounts and more favorable terms with providers of physics survey equipment, dosimetry, and a growing list of other products and services.

Regulatory & Policy Response Coordination

Regulatory or policy changes at State, Federal, and accreditation body (e.g., JC, ACR, IAC, RadSite) levels routinely affect the practice of diagnostic medical physics.  The NDMPC membership provides a broader information-gathering and response capability than any single firm, so that members can stay apprised of these changes, and respond to them as necessary with a coordinated strategy.  The NDMPC helps ensure that comments are provided to proposed changes and regulations that will improve patient safety, and also be practicable for consulting firms to implement.  Additionally, NDMPC provides a venue for the member firms to coordinate their lobbying activities to achieve better quality assurance and patient safety rules and regulations over time.

Client Credit Forum

The NDMPC provides an organized forum for members to share information about credit or payment risks associated with former or current clients so that other coalition members are aware.  This provides an opportunity for coalition partners to adjust payment policies on potential credit risks, or to request that a client “make it right” with another member prior to providing services.

Business Referral Program

NDMPC members have a ready forum and standardized models for referring or subcontracting business to each other when it makes sense (e.g., a request for services outside their service territory, a temporary shortage of physicists due to illness or vacation, or an urgent client need in a difficult-to-reach location).  The fact that the Coalition is composed exclusively of physicist-led firms with reputations for technical expertise and service quality ensures that the referring member’s own reputation is upheld.

Group Sales

The NDMPC is committed to supporting diagnostic medical physicist-owners and their ability to succeed.  Members have the opportunity to work together on healthcare system service opportunities (including responses to RFP’s and bids) if a collaborative approach makes sense – such as for larger opportunities or those that span multiple geographic regions.  NDMPC thus provides scale when needed, without impacting independence.

Periodic Meetings

The Coalition meets periodically, including at the annual AAPM and RSNA meetings, to discuss issues that affect the members, and to pursue opportunities or actions of shared interest.  As well as providing a useful avenue for business collaboration, this forum allows the owners to seek advice, get perspective, and generally enjoy easy access to peers who understand the challenges of managing a diagnostic medical physics practice.


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